"Holes" in flash

Hello guyz!
Here is some issue: i have a few MovieClips on stage. Solid transparent background and textfields above it. Everything goes well, but when i fade out the text and change .rotationX property of this background and place bitmaps above the background - bitmaps cuts a "holes" in background. I tried many ways and found that this issue is appear only when any .rotation property !=0. Why is it so and how it can be fixed?

Re: "Holes" in flash

hopeless. cacheAsBitmap doesn't affect. The holes is still on.
UPD. Usually i register one instance of class:
var Title:handball = new handball; addChild(Title);
And use some titles Title.Lineup(); or TItle.Startlist();
Now i use TWO such variables:
- one for Background (blue header with Team Logo and transparent background, that was rotated a bit)
- one for photos and players name
(see the attachment)
I split drawing commands in different voids - The idea was to create two different "universes" - success
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