Html template running on a webserver

Hello, Im very new into Caspar and Ive been reading a lot about it and I think is fantastic.

I need to create tv graphics for track cycling and I have all my programs that send to a normal network udp packages with all the information I need, so i was kind hard (I read a lot about it) to go on the path of html websockets finally they are working and Im very happy because not only I can have a template for caspar and also have now a live timing webpage with realtime data.
I webpage that accept websockets its hosted in my local IIS and I can also view it on my internet site.
Now after all this, I want to run that page into caspar to create the output for the tv.
I create the html onAdobe Edge with transparent background and to test I just put a div with a diferent color to put the data that im reciving via websockets.

When I call the html on the caspar client just the html I can see the transparency.

but when I on the caspar client run the html from the webserver with the info. I cant see the transparency, is this normal?



I found this post here on the forum and here is the answer!
just html.jpg
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