Ice hockey lineup

We are looking for a simple way to display the startup lines for an ice hockey game. Or rather, a simple way to add those names with short notice before the game.

As we will not run the graphics during the actual game, a full-fledged ice hockey client might be overkill. Does anyone have a good suggestion for how to easily add player names and put them in the right positions quickly?

Re: Ice hockey lineup

I wrote my own VB-client do do this, the data comes from a XML-file.

But you can also do it with the standard client - quick and dirty.

1.) Create your template. For every player and the teamname, create a dynamc text field with a unique name. E.g. Teamname, Player1, Player2, .... (If you want, separate for number and additional info)

2.) Put the template into CasparCG template folder.

3.) Put this template in standard Clients rundown and define all the fieldnames from the template. When you have finished, copy this, so you have two idetitical pre-defined templöates. You can change the properties e.g. to Team 1 and Team 2

Copy and paste the teams lineup to the fields....

Maybe you can send a example graphics .....