CasparCG lower thirds client in Livecode

When the university where I do a bit to help discovered that a commercial lower thirds machine would cost at least £12000 I started looking the forums etc for a CasparCG client to do the job. I've failed to find what I need - a straightforward simple to use client that puts lower thirds on and off, and is simple enough to use for those who neither know nor care what CasparCG is, they just want to get something on the screen. It may be out there, but I couldn't find it.

So I decided to have a go at writing a client. I chose Livecode because as I was doing the job for free I could have Livecode for free. I hadn't used it before, but it sells itself on being a user friendly system that uses ordinary language to make things happen. That isn't terribly true - if you put the word "the" in somewhere it shouldn't be you'll get the most obscure error message. Likewise the other way around.

Anyway, after several weeks of fiddling around I got what I think is something that's user friendly enough to give to the university. As I got through the various stages - info into the database, edit info as required, info onto the screen, I realised that I now have the basic Livecode for any CasparCG operation, and I expect that the uni will gradually find many more uses for CasparCG now that we have a friendly client.

So, for all those out there who need the same as me, I've put v0.9 beta here
There's the Livecode project, a windows exe and various bits and pieces. No support, no warranty, GPL etc etc. I hope it helps somebody out there

Bernard Newnham August 2016