Simple Football HTML template and web-client

Hi guys,
A couple of months ago we created a bespoke HTML template and web GUI for a football match.
It pretty much does all you want (or at least all we wanted) for simple football graphics:

- Goal
- Time
- Special Events (Yellow Cards, Corner, Penalty)
- Player Management (Names, Positions, Substitutions)
- Team Management (Colour, Name, TLA)

It's under GPL v3, so check it out on
Let me know if you have any questions and I might be able to answer them.. It's been half a year since we wrote it..


Re: Simple Football HTML template and web-client

Good day niklasr,

I have a football tournament for grass development in my town. I find this program very useful for my project. Can I use this program, if so can you help me how to setup this program? I have a very limited knowledge in programing but since this is a web based, i might be able to set this up. Really appreciate for your guide on hw to setup and use this program.

Thank you very much in advance.