Lower thirds - a gift for absolutely CasparCG beginners

The CasparCG community gave me so much help in learning and using CasparCG. Every day new users come to try CasparCG and they ask mostly for simple lower third design. So I decided to give a ready to go lower third with customizeable background and a small guidance how to use it.
Here the ZIP- with the needed files.


When multiple lower thirds are needed, there is no special client necessary. You can use the same template with different values. Here a short description with the "phone template". Same works with exampe above.


Re: Lower thirds - a gift for absolutely CasparCG beginners

Here some additonal Informations :

1.) Best results you get when using separate key and fill signals.

2.) If only one output (fill) is present, you need to use luma key or chromakey. In this case your graphis must fit to the used keying method. Real semi transparencies are not possible. Some workarounds could do the trick....

3.) When using chroma key, your Background graphics must contain the needed green as background ;-)