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CasparCG client based on LiveCode

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CasparCG client based on LiveCode

Postby DaannD » 25 Jan 2016, 11:39

Hello! I'd like to introduce my first app made in LiveCode, a CasparCG client :) First, sorry for my English, if something is not understandable, please ask :)

More info about client: It's made for my local TV where I'm working. Best thing about Livecode, I didn't know how to make apps (still don't exactly know :P) but based on tutorials and examples I was able to communicate with server, send some data and then with small steps make a nice CG client :)

My app is based on four cards: Oneliner/Twoliner, Credits, Player and Facebook. First I've planned to make a Polish interface in app, but in some buttons and functions I'm using English words (I don't know how to name them in Polish :D) so the interface is Polish/English :P

OK, first tab:

I wanted my client to be universal, so I decided to choose where are all Oneliner/Twoliner templates, load them to textfield and then choose wich template I'm going to play. This grey field on the center is preview field, it loads an image with the same name as selected on left field (all images must be done manually). There is also posibillity to save/load all text from Oneliner or Twoliner.

Tab 2 - Credits:

This tab is designed to be able to play Vimlesh1975 roll template, now I can change speed, align and size of the text, and ofcourse save/load text.

Tab 3 - Player:

This part was most simple, to load all movies/stills I'm just sending 'cls' command to server and put response into field, then I can select movie and play it :)

Tab 4 - Facebook:

That part was most tricky ;) I had to communicate with facebook API, get some data and translate it to Livecode data. First I need to authorize a facebook APP with my FB profile to get some permissions. Next it loads all FB pages belonging to my account. Now i can select from which account I want to get data. After this it loads all Events from that page (my idea was to get posts from events, because I wanted clean page without unnecesary posts, getting data from page is also available ;) ). After getting all events I just select one event and get all posts from it. After selecting a post i can send it to a server

By now, tabs 1, 2 and 3 are working pretty well, tab 4 (Facebook) needs a Play button which will get data and photo from selected field and send it to server :)

As I sad on beginning, sorry for my bad English, if you have any questions, don't hesitate ;)
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Re: CasparCG client based on LiveCode

Postby jabramson623 » 17 Feb 2016, 01:12

Can you share your livecode source code that I can see how you put this together?
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Re: CasparCG client based on LiveCode

Postby didikunz » 17 Feb 2016, 06:55

Nice project.
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Re: CasparCG client based on LiveCode

Postby DaannD » 17 Feb 2016, 13:01

I'll share something when app will be completed, I need some more time and it will be done. Also I'll make English version, so all of you will have opportunity to test it and find bugs that I haven't found yet ;)
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Re: CasparCG client based on LiveCode

Postby Ultravibe » 16 Oct 2016, 21:16

Do you have some difficults with sending text with qoute character to caspar?
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