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I am pretty new to CasparCG and think it it a great well developed program. Thanks SVT for sharing!

I am trying to interface CasparCG with a program called FinishLynx, a sports timing system used in sports like athletics and cycling ( I want FinishLynx to feed data into CasparCG such as current running time, results, and other data. Has anybody interfaced with this timing system, or any other timing system before?

Any advice or tips is helpful!


Re: FinishLynx and CasparCG

Like Didi says, once you know how the data can be accessed from FinishLynx, it will be a matter of building either an automatic middleware that will just send the data along with AMCP commands to one or several templates running in CasparCG Server, or build a GUI that will let an operator see and manipulate the data before controlling the output (with a keyboard, a touch interface or 3rd-party controller keys.)
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Re: FinishLynx and CasparCG

Hi nikvan.
what yo show us are settings for the physical layer.
what you really need is the protocol.
if you look at page 7-3 from this manual ... sion_4.pdf

you see that the software support quite a lot off protocols.
probally you have to search for these protocols on the scoreboard manufacturer side.

there is also a database function in the software chapter 8 in the manual.
i have the feel that using this functionality is more 2016 then using a serial protocol.

i guess the developer is friendly enough to help you out in this.


Re: FinishLynx and CasparCG

Hello, do you succed to do that?

That image you sent was builted with resultsTv that is a program done and sell by finishlynx, you can use it and in the tv truck you need to set the chroma key and it works.

If you still have questions about the lynx software I can help with that.

Re: FinishLynx and CasparCG


Just wondering if there was any success with this? I'm looking at the same at the moment and trying to figure out if FinishLynx is able to send a command to start the timer rather than using ResulTV.

ResulTV works... but it's based on Windows 95 and doesn't look as sharp as I'd like.