Sony XDCAM D-10 files

there is a problem with correct playback of MXF files in D-10 format, commonly used by Sony's devices. They have following parameters (according to Sony XDCAM Viewer):

Stored Size: 720x608
Display Size: 720x576

Unfortunately, Caspar, as other software based on FFmpeg, tries to display all 608 lines of video, which isn't correct.
As a workaround i used to play such a file with FILTER CROP=720:576:0:32 - this gave correct result.
But now (Caspar 2.0?), there is deinterlace (yadif) filter applied to such a file that can't be switched off (<auto-deinterlace> don't work). It degrades image quality...
Is there any workaround to this issue?
--- Jurek