Two new CasparCG AS3 libraries posted

While the developers are "on a roll" here, I'm happy to announce that we've just released two AS3 libraries that will make it much easier to talk to CasparCG Servers from within Flash / Flex / AIR.

CasparCG AS3 Framework source and download.

CasparCG AS3 ServerConnection source and download.
Jonas Hummelstrand
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Re: Two new CasparCG AS3 libraries posted

As usual the documentation will eventually pop up, all the time was used for development. The libraries are quite well documented with asdoc so you will get tooltips if you are using a decent developing environment.

Hopefully we will get some examples up soon, but you can always have a look at how the Template generator talks with Caspar, especially in this file: ... s?view=log

I think that is a great start for writing your own flash/flex/air-client!
CasparCG flash guru