Is there any CasparCG for dummies?

Hi all.
Totally beginner at this and I wan't to start streaming with Caspar to get overlays with results on the go.

The biggest problem right now is that I can't get the hang of this and how to get it out of my computer with SDI.
I have installed all and get Decklink card in setup (decklink duo 2).
It is set for 4 inputs and I get picture out thru other programs, but not with Caspar.

I have NoClue how to get Caspar to shoose Decklink for output.

I'll post some Pictures
Any beginner tips?
Dennis NoClue FPV

Re: Is there any CasparCG for dummies?

You told that you set for 4 inputs, but you put one deckling to output channel. Device 1
There is no channel for input, you need add channel for input and don't add deckling consumer to it.
If you like to use all four decklink input, make four channel without decklink consumer.

Sorry, I misunderstood.
Check Decklink control panel as Digikunz advise.
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