Preview next video item in run order


I've replaced an Airspeed with CasparCG, and one thing I can't replicate is having the next item due to be played load when the previous one completed.

We have 2 channels (A+B), so when A finishes, it loads the next item due on A and shows the first frame, meanwhile we are probably playing on ChB.

At the moment it just holds the last frame of the last played item.

I'm guessing this is the LOADBG command in ACMP - I'll probably have to update my run order generator to do this, but since I have a time constraint, is there anyway of doing this in the CasparCG client?


Re: Preview next video item in run order

hreinnbeck wrote:
11 Jan 2018, 17:48
In you say that you compile the XML for CCG client.
Have it create a group which PLAY's A and LOAD's B (can have a delay on that) and then just play each group.
I think my solution will be to create a group that handles a "next story setup" series of events that we know will be skipped so the operator doesn't have to pay attention to it. I will experiment more with the client to see if there is another way.