CasparCG and Resolume


I'm using Casparcg and Resolume Arena for my projects.
But I had one problem. How could I trigger video clips in Resolume?
There is the option to use GPI/GPO to trigger other things with CasparCG.
So I build an Arduino converter from GPO to MIDI.
Now I can trigger video's in Resolume with MIDI note by using the GPO trigger option in CasparCG.
It is also possible to use the converter for other software that is using MIDI.
It works great.

But I found one bug in CasparCG.
When i use GPO 1 in CasparCG nothing happens.
All other (GPO 2-8) are working.
There is no trigger comming out of CasparCG.
Is there a solution for it?

With kind regards,
Jan Hein