Green dots with Nvidia Quadro

Hi All,

I recently ran into a problem running CasparCG 2.1 on Ubuntu using a NVidia Quadro M2000 videocard.
All of a sudden we noticed areas with green dots in the image. The dots were present on the decklink consumers and if I dumped some screenshots using the image consumer. This machine is running in production for almost a year and we didn't notice anything wrong before.

While we have a couple of machines running the same config we swapped the nvidia-card with another machine and the problem was also swapped with it. So our conclusion is that there must be something wrong with the card.

I did found a way to control the intensity of the green dots. If I only played a single video the dots are hardly noticeable. However, if I add like 5 html-producer CG layers the dots get worse and worse.


Anybody else ever noticed this problem? Or does anybody maybe have a clue why the problem gets worse when I add more layers?

I'll try to swap the card with the supplier, and maybe order an extra spare one of the other cards get defect...