RundownCreator integration - Beta app

Hello awesome CasparCG community!

Was looking for a way to integrate CasparCG in to RundownCreator to help automate our shows. There are a few solutions but nothing that quite fit our needs. So the community of TMRO came together and created two awesome apps that allow bi-directional syncing between the CasparCG Server/Client and

RCExport -
This application will utilize the RundownCreator API and generate an XML file for use in the CasparCG client automagically. It uses the client presets to create the rundown. This means that you can create a preset that is just a simple video object tied to a specific server/channel and it will work, or you can create a more advanced group with color coding, timing, etc. and that will work too!

TMROMediaSync -
This tool looks at CasparCG Server 2.1 Beta 2 or higher and will sync the media files up to RundownCreator. By doing this when you're scripting your show a producer/writer can simply select the media clip they want to play from a pre-populated list in RundownCreator.

I'll be working on some basic instructions shortly as it isn't super apparent how to get it working out of the box. But I personally think it is pretty cool. For us at least it really helped take a lot of the manual rundown creation out of the show. We just hit 2 buttons now and our entire show rundown is automagically built with ATEM automation and all!