Are the new Intel GPU's grunty enough for CasperCG

Hi All,

just looking at building a fairly small form factor PC (most likely rackmount) and I was just wondering if the gen7 Intel GPU's are actually power enough to keep CasperCG happy these days.

I can find a lot of 1ru short servers that can do 1 PCI-E slot but much fewer that will do 2.

The system will be a Decklink duo 2, SSD, quad core i7.

It will mostly be doing html5 stuff, with some Webm and mp4 videos


Re: Are the new Intel GPU's grunty enough for CasperCG

Vojsooo wrote:Hi,
Probably is not what you want, but you can check this thread: ... cro#p28993

I did read that thread but there were no absolutes, so I figured I would ask the question straight up.

The question was more about Intel GPU's rather then chassis :)
Jesper Stærkær wrote:Yes, the new 7th gen Intels is more than powerful enough. Just built 4 micro PCs with 7th gen. However: There's problems with CasparCG server 2.1.0 and Intel drivers! 2.0.7 works well.
I'm sure it will get fixed :),

Do you RDP into them to start up casperCG or use a keyboard/mouse?