Multiple decklink in single server - reference issues

I'm running 2 decklink duo 2 cards on a single server, both card have a reference and both are showing the reference in the control panel, however the output is "rolling" on one of the cards (all four outputs).

Has anyone run 2x decklink duo cards on a single server successfully? I want to be sure this is possible before I start pulling the server apart.

Re: Multiple decklink in single server - reference issues

Are you giving the same reference signal to both cards, via a distribution amp? I have 3 decklinks in one of my PC's and never had a similar issue. So it should be possible. There are multiple options, what could be wrong. It could be something analog with the reference signals, like a termination problem or the like. It could also be, that one card is faulty. Does the rolling occure on the other card, when you swap the reference signal? Can you just test different configurations and see what happens?
Didi Kunz
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