DeckLink 4K Extreme

Hello, can you help me, please.
I need 4 inputs and 1 output (with fill and key). will it be enougth for me to use 2 cards decklink 4k extreme for this task?
I read, that one card only have input or output. Why? I saw that one card 4K extreme have input live stream and output this video with grafics. Is it problem casparCG?
It will be right use one card decklink quad 2 (for 4 inputs) and one card 4k Extreme (for output 1 fill and 1 key) for my task?


Re: DeckLink 4K Extreme

4K extreme has one HD key/fill output and 1 HD input pr. card, at the same time.

A Decklink Duo2 can give you 4 inputs. Then you need another Duo2 or a 4K extreme for your key/fill output, and the Duo2 is best value, as long as you can live with no analog audio.
Jesper Stærkær
Independent Consultant at