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Having some good experience with Caspar (with handball and tractor races), i start to develop graphics system for basketball tournament. I already have an interaction with match controller system. But it gaves me just a few pieces of data - timer, timeout timer, personal player score and something more. Now the second step is to stick to statistic system by FIBA. I use "TV settings" to connect with my application and get TCP connect. After that i receive <TEST /> from FIBA, send <OK /> as reply. FIBA says that "Connection successful". Every 20 secs FIBA sending some kind of a status message. But that is all i receive. Does anybody knows a protocol to receive complete game data?
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Some years ago, I had contact to FIBA, because I wanted to create a client for Eurocup. They gave some informations about their web service for statistics. When I remember correctly, the service is only available during a running match. My project died, because statistics would have been the second step, but for implementing the first step, reading time and score from stramatel scoreboeard i never got the necessary informations ....

Edit: I had contact with in 2014 and the system was called k-stats.

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after I answered in the VMIX forum to the same topic ...

Years ago I used for some events the free software FIBA Europe Stats Suite ( ... cgDF0.html)
+ easy to handle
+ print statistics on paper
- has TV Feed, but could never find/get informations about it
+ could use the SQLite database, which the software is using to save the database (only pulling of statistics was possible)

So if you are using "FIBA LiveStats V6" ( then I some informations which should help you a lot.

"FIBA LiveStats V6" has some features which I like
+ statistics for single game, paper and online (live) statistics, and its for free (registration)
- need some learning time
+ also for federations/ tournaments
+ "TV Feed" (dont forget to turn it on), XML data provided via a IP-Service (each IP Address of the statistic computer Port 7676)
+ you can work local in the gym (no delay), but you need network access to the statistic computer or/and to the network of the organizer! Or you use your own statistician.
+ XML format is well documented
+ you can write your own service, e.g. which give you informations about
* last score .. minutes ago
* player xxxx which x 3pt shot in ..."
+ with the installation, you get also the program "LiveStatsTVClient.exe" (in the installation path) which you can use to see the "TV Feed" live

Here some useful links to start with your work ...

FIBA/Genius Sport - Support:

The entrance to "TV Feed", with document like XML description: ... ts-tv-feed

Software which provides a web-service (pull service) with simplified statistics:

Hope I chould help you ...

Regards, Paul
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