Thunderbolt3, Zbook G3, Duo2

hi out there
successfully tested my new thunderbolt3 Laptop:
- HP ZBook 17 G3 i7-6700HQ 17.3", NVIDIA Quadro M3000M and Intel HD Graphics 530 - 4 GB GDDR5
- AKiTiO Thunder3 PCIe Box (300$ shipped, from B&H)
- Decklink Duo2

what I really don't know is which graphics card Caspar chooses, since I can't switch off the Intel card, because the Laptop screen is hooked to the Intel card...

But it runs smooth with 2x fill and key!

Also tested successfully tested the new Thunderbolt3 Laptop and the Apple Thundebolt3 to Thunderbolt2 Adapter with the older Sonnet Echo PCI Express Thunderbolt2 Box with a Decklink Extreme 4K built in .