Hiring a Template Designer

Hi there,

Does anyone on here freelance design Caspar Templates, I need a design for an on set plasma display.
9x1 16:9 displays. The template will need to be able to add strings of text that scroll up the page, like SMS, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I am happy to being with Manuel entry though. Please see attached image for how we would like the text to move.

Considering Combining the following work:

Not having much luck on my own,
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Re: Hiring a Template Designer


Not quite sure if you are looking for a free template or a freelance template designer, but i searched a lot and for flash there are not that much templates. For HTML close to zero. So (mainly the fun with CCG) you have to build it yourself.

I'm currently working on my own project where i am making a visual radio style application for my local radio station. I gained a lot of experience with the HTML templates around but with animating i suggest you just dive right into this post: http://casparcg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3158

Shoutout to jehvi for this awesome libary!

Maybe this helps, but let us know what you are looking for so we can help you further.
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