Multiple server instances on single Decklink


Is it possible to run 2x CasparCG servers (on different TCP ports) on a single server and access different ports on a Decklink Duo?

For example, have:
Server 1 on port 5250 access Decklink Duo port 1 and 2
Server 2 on port 5251 access Decklink Duo port 3 and 4

I would test this myself but currently I don't have a spare box to test this on


Re: Multiple server instances on single Decklink

Thank you! Annoyed with myself that I didn't see that.

I want to run a graphics overlay from some custom software, but still give users the ability to load "stills" using the CasparCG client.

it's really easy to accidentally select the wrong channel in the client, by running 2 servers the client can have access to "all" the channels (locked down on the server side) and they can't interfere with the main graphics overlay.

Re: Multiple server instances on single Decklink

I always tell people NOT to run multiple servers on a single machine, because it degrades performance. The official client has a feature built in, that is based on the new LOCK command in AMCP (the link is not precise you need to scroll down a bit).With this you can lock a client to a particular server channel, so that it is not possible to acidentally overwrite each others outputs. This is a much less power hungry solution to your problem.
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Re: Multiple server instances on single Decklink

I use custom software (scoreboard and lower thirds) and at the same time the standard client for exactly the same things - displaying still graphics - with one running server instance. The same configuration was used by other people witout any porobels and issues.

You should set your custom client to other layers then standard clients default. I think, it is necessary to have graphics operators, who do know what they do with the client and your custom client. If not, enlarge your custom client to do the things which maybe have to be done with the standard client.