Re: TriCaster 8000 and CasparCG

Here is a post I made in the vMix forum last year, hopefully this is helpful.

CasparCG and NDI ...

CasparCG Server 2.0.7 ... p/download
Stable and production-ready (Updated: 2014-12-11, 143 MB)
Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit

The CasparCG Server software is used to play out and record video, audio and graphics.

Additional downloads:
◦Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later (required)
◦Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (required) ... px?id=5555
◦For Flash template playback you need to install Flash Player 11.8.800.94 (optional) ...
◦For NewTek TriCaster iVGA output you need to install the NewTek driver (optional)

CasparCG Server frontend ... p/download

CasparCG Client 2.0.8 ... lient_2.0/
Windows XP or later / Mac OS X 10.5 or later / Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit. (Updated: 2015-10-03, 26–53 MB)

The CasparCG Client software is used to control the playback/recording with one or several CasparCG Servers.

◦For NewTek TriCaster iVGA output you need to install the NewTek driver
There is a new tool at that updates the NewTek TriCaster iVGA ouput driver to be NDI compatible.
It's the AirSend™ Updater:

Install the AirSend (Newtek Driver) from above first, then run the updater = magic :-)

I have a new link for CasparCG "Caspar Media Playback"
This is an awesome client for trying out what CasperCG can do. Some pieces don't work quite right, But for those that want to get started it is very cool. It will give a glimpse of the real power of the CasperCG engine.

Caspar Media Playback

Requirements to run this client
1. DotNet 4.5 or higher ... x?id=42642
2. Flash player activex ... x?id=42642

3. VLC 32bit version You must use this version. ... -win32.exe

4. After you install and run it. Select the "Copy Example Templates" and the "Copy Example Media" buttons.

5. Start to explore.

Caspar Media Playback forum