Diffrent configurations for one server

I have had a problem that I need to use on the same Server different configuration on some occations. My first way of doing this was to have different versions of servers but I think that takes to much space on the harddisk so I came up with the following solution:
created a folder called "_config" and created different subfolders for each configuration. In each subfolder there is the casparcg.config-file. I created a windows batch-file that copies the config-file to the server-folder and after that starts the server.

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xcopy /y "D:\_configs\standard\casparcg.config" "C:\CasparCG\Server\casparcg.config"
START /d "C:\CasparCG\Server" casparcg_frontend.exe
I know this is just basic computing, but hope that someone find this usefull.

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Re: Diffrent configurations for one server

AFAIK you can have multiple config files (with different names) and can add the name in the comandline, while starting Caspar. I never tried, but it should work that way. So you would have multiple batch files (or you could build shortcuts on your desktop) without copying files around.
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Re: Diffrent configurations for one server

sounds like a better solution.
I think I saw in some tutorial video that either Jonas or Olle (cant now remember in which video) had done multiple configurations.
Could anyone post an example of such a batch/shortcut file here?
But since I prefer having the frontend I think it wont work for me, and I dont think coping the config-file is a critical issue since you can have the batch-file as a desktop-shortcut and it both do the copy and starts the server, so a normal user doesn't even know that there has been any copying, and then you have in windows startup-folder a batch-file for your "standard configuration".