AMCP Data Question

Hey Guys and Gals

I am currently working on a custom C# CasparCG controller. I have been reading through the AMCP documentation, specifically in regards to templates.

I have a question in regards to the syntax when including data in my string.

If I want to ADD a template, according to the documentation the string should be "CG 1 ADD 10 svtnews/info 1".

The documentation then says that data should be included as the last entry in the string, but if I have multiple variables I want to set, say f0 = a,f1 = 1,f2 = b and f3 = 2 all in the same add call, how is this done?

I presume I need to define the variable name somewhere, but I wasn't sure how this was done in the context of this call!



Re: AMCP Data Question

By the way, there are a few ready to use NET libraries in the FAQ section which you can use to connect with CCG.
I implemented the CasparCGNetConnector which is a strong typed object to AMCP mapping. Instead of handling the AMCP commands your self, there are command objects, connection objects and media objects you can handle.

See ... 263#p25263 for a list of known libs for ccg.

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