Audio on HTML producer

I'm doing a proof-of-concept for using the HTML as graphics but before I go too far pulling the config file apart:

Does the HTML producer support audio output?

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 var audio = new Audio('./media/alien-bomb-timer.wav');;
I've tried this (which works in a browser) and also tried

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PLAY 1-10 [HTML]
At the moment neither have audio, I want to check that there should be before I spend too much time here.


Re: Audio on HTML producer

Is this something that is likely to be added (html template audio to decklink) as I am working on a gameshow template at the moment and was planning to play sound effects this way?

It isn't a major problem as I can work around it but it might be useful.


Re: Audio on HTML producer

As I am not an HTML crack, I cannot tell you exactly how to do it in HTML 5.

But in Flash I connect back to the local Caspar server (from the view of the template it's ALWAYS the local server) and send a PLAY command for a audio file on a separate layer (otherways you kick yourself out). That plays very nicelly on the SDI output.
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