CasparCG Client crashing on launch

Hello all,

After recently coming back from a break at work I have found our CasparCG client is crashing upon launch. The program will crash multiple times before eventually staying open and allowing us to use the program. I have tried reinstalling the client as well as the Black Magic ATEM software that I felt might be interfering. Both to no avail. The setup we have is one machine containing the client that feeds to our ATEM through key and fill, and a second machine that contains two servers for VT's and GFX.

Re: CasparCG Client crashing on launch

According to your screenshot it crashes while refreshing library, so the first guess is that some file name in your images, templates or videos directories is irregular. Have you tried temporary cleaning everything from these three folders? If it doesn't crash restore folder by folder and refresh library until you locate the file causing it.

Re: CasparCG Client crashing on launch

thos-berlin wrote:Maybe it's caused in unsing old software versions, but I have no problem running ATEM control and CasparCG client....
Both are the latest versions, I have tried removing both pieces of software and reinstalling the latest to double check and be on the safe side. If the ATEM is connected to CasparCG it will not open at all.