Re: Blackmagic Desktop Video 10.7 problem?

I don't have the same problems. But 10.6.8 and up (only on one machine - all other are running older drivers) cause CCG to randomly stop outputting to Decklink SDI 4K. Sometimes it works for for 20-24 hours. Sometimes it stops after a couple of minutes. It just leaves a freeze frame on the output. Screen output continues to play correctly.

Possibly related to some SDK changes - I haven't had time to look into it.

Re: Blackmagic Desktop Video 10.7 problem?

I can summarize the problems with the drivers supporting Quad 2 and Duo 2 like this:

10.6.1-10.6.5: Everything works well except for the color problem.
10.6.6-10.6.8: They fixed the color problem but introduced a bug causing RenderAudioSamples() to suddenly stop being called, causing the CasparCG channel to deadlock. Only disabling embedded-audio made this work. I have had discussions about this problem with Blackmagic and they were working on a fix.
10.7: I was told by BMD that the previous hang had been resolved in this version. But at least from the point of view of how CasparCG uses the SDK, this is the least useful driver version yet. It seems that it works in 1001 modes (2398, 2997 and 5994), but in no other mode. Regardless of embedded-audio being enabled or not. ScheduledFrameCompleted() is called in a very erratic pace.

I am now looking into this problem now in order to file a good bug report to BMD or change the CasparCG code if I discover something we do wrong, but I don't think so.

Re: Blackmagic Desktop Video 10.7 problem?

Sorry to drag this up - but we're now on Blackmagic Desktop Video 10.8.6 so...

What is the best version to use?

I once installed the software and playback was a lot slower than real time and that was fixed after rolling back drivers but I've just done a reinstall so hopefully someone can offer their wisdom!


Re: Blackmagic Desktop Video 10.7 problem?

on the decklink 2 quad i tried 10.7, all videos are only in slomotion.

on the computer with the decklink 2 quad, (WIN7 64, Quadro4000) i installed 10.8.6 today.
VERY BAD, no more key output.
on the Quad2 installed back 10.6.8 , all normal. except some unexpected freezes sometimes.
now i run 10.8.3 on the quad2. you can find some entries here with people having problems with the black level with this driver.

on the computer with an older HD Extreme 3D+ (WIN10, old Geoforce GT710) 10..8.6 runs fine.

i wish we had a proven stable driver for the new quad2 and duo2.


Re: Blackmagic Desktop Video 10.7 problem?

Just rolled back to 10.6.8 - same issue with playing video at a faster rate (audio is fine)

CCG - 1080i5994
CCG Server - 2.0.7 with frontend
CCG Client - 2.0.8
BMD Desktop Video Utility - 1080i5994 (not sure if CCG overrides the settings in here anyway?)

Videos in .H264 behave exactly the same so clueless as to what's going on!

Re: Blackmagic Desktop Video 10.7 problem?

its all about encoding.
my system is running 1080i25 and plays the file witout any problem.
your file is original encoded with 25 frames and you play it with 29.95 frames, that means your audio is not rendered for a 29.95 frame speed, thats why you are out of sync. Audio is treated seperately in your caspar encoder, if your video plays faster then expected, your audio is to long.....
if you render it new with 29.95 AND the option video synch on, all becomes good.
i use myFFmpeg for encoding or recoding (its a frontend for ffmpeg, cost are about 20 euros and used the preset XDCAM HD 720p60 and was setting the option "video synch" to "EACH FRAME"
then caspar plays both files (your original and my encoded file) correctly in synch.

without putting this option on, either video was to slow or audio to slow. ... WQ2WVpuVU0

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