Success with PC Thunderbolt and BMD UltraStudio


I've been working at a City/County Government TV station to find an affordable way to add a decent graphic solution to their smaller mobile production setup. They have been using the still store on a Sony mixer/switcher, but that has limitations like the # of graphics you can load at once, and the inability to transition graphics on the air.

I've had some success with some hardware that it seems people have had questions about on here, so I thought I'd share what I've come across so far.

As they have 2 HP Avid editing laptops that have Thunderbolt, and workstations that have Avid Artist DNxIO boxes, I started there, as they are essentially Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K Extreme units. Running CasparCG from one of those HP windows laptops, connected via Thunderbolt, I was able to successfully get Key & Fill graphics out, and into the switcher.

With that success, the station went ahead and purchased the one step lower UltraStudio 4K. I've successfully got Key and Fill out of it, as well as audio, both embedded in SDI & HDMI and analog. No major challenges in getting this set up, apart from mistakes from me learning how to set up CasparCG as I go.