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Place .swf file into UILoader

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Place .swf file into UILoader

Postby gilar » 14 Apr 2016, 13:01

I have succses to put Image into UILoader
here is my thread before viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3495&p=23909#p23909

What i'm trying to do is .... I want to create a Soccer Graphic template for LineUp
Like in this picture

I want to change Player image with video. the format will be in .swf
I read on Adobe page that
"The UILoader component is a container that can display SWF, JPEG, progressive JPEG, PNG, and GIF files." ... -7f9d.html

Just now i try load .swf file with my script before but It never works.

here is my AS3 Script:
Code: Select all
   import flash.display.MovieClip;
   import se.svt.caspar.ICommunicationManager;
   import se.svt.caspar.IRegisteredDataSharer;
   import se.svt.caspar.template.CasparTemplate;
   import fl.containers.UILoader;   
   public class UILOADER extends CasparTemplate
      private const customParameterDescription:XML =    
            <parameter id="Team1Image" type="string" info="File URL for Flag Home" />
      override public function SetData(xmlData:XML):void
         for each (var element:XML in xmlData.children())
           if (element.@id == "Team1Image")       
              PlayeridGroup.Image1.source =;

Comment and help would be Appreciate
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