How to ad a interlaced preview screen

When we set a PAL preview screen in the config file we have settings for de-interlace.
How can I set this setting when I send the command ADD 2 SCREEN PAL (after the server has started)

The goal is to minimize processor load on small systems.
When I set my preview screen to de-interlace=true I have much more CPU load then
when I set it to false.
Theo Kooijmans

Re: How to ad a interlaced preview screen

Hi Helge,
the new command works fine!
I have however an audioplayback problem with this and earlier 2.1 build,
mpeg and mp4 play with very bad audio sound, only mxf seems to play ok with audio.
(playback true decklinkcard with latest drivers)
Also mp3 audio is bad, wav is ok
Also tga files do not play.
Theo Kooijmans