Changes to CasparCG/Tools and CasparCG/Framework repositories at GitHub


To be able to extend this project and to improve some minor things we have to do some changes at GitHub regarding mainly two existing repositories, CasparCG/Tools and CasparCG/Framework. This two repositories are somewhat outdated and does not follow any industry standard or standard regarding git. What I mean wit that is simply that those repositories I'm talking about contains various projects in various programming languages which isn't optimal. It also clutters the whole git history which is bad!

By splitting each "project/folder" from CasparCG/Tools and CasparCG/Framework into separate standalone repositories we will have a cleaner git history per repository by design and adapt more to git and GitHub (traces from svn exists from when it was used). This will give the benefit to start using some of the great features GitHub offers such as Releases etc. My vision is to gather as much as possible at GitHub for each repository.

History of each "project/folder" that already exists will be preserved and will be available in the standalone repositories.
Also, the CasparCG/Tools and CasparCG/Framework repositories will be deprecated and not deleted! They will probably be deleted in the future but when the time is in we'll make a new announcement and notify you.

Issues will be recreated for each repository and users who has done pull requests will be notified.

Start: Tuesday, 16 January 2018 9:00 AM CET (8.00 AM UTC)
Ends: Friday, 26 January 2018 5:00 PM CET (4.00 PM UTC)

CasparCG/Tools (GitHub)
CasparCG/Framework (GitHub)

Update: 28 Febrary 2018
This is not finished yet and is on hold for the moment until next week. What's left to do basically to locate the latest versions the AS3 libs and check so they work. When that's fixed and verified I'll let you all know.

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