Reporting bugs and asking good questions

We would love to help you get the most out of CasparCG!
Help us help you:

Please provide the log file (found in the log folder configured in the casparcg.config file.)

Please list as many details of your system, version and what you are trying to do and how the bug manifests itself.

In order for us to be able to help you, please describe what you are trying to do, what happens and what you expected to happen instead.

Here are some examples of the minimum amount of info we need:
  • Does it crash when you start it or after running for two weeks?
  • Do you get the same problem every time or only occasionally?
  • Has it just started give you problems after running smoothly for a year, or has it never worked?
  • Have you recently changed anything on the computer, such as changing anything about the hardware, installed a patch or new software or updated the OS?
  • What versions of the OS and all related software (Flash Player, CasparCG Server, CasparCG Client, Flash Professional, QuickTime etcetera) are you running?
  • What video cards and graphic cards are you using, including driver versions?
  • What exact error messages are you getting, and when are you getting them?
Please attach screenshots, screen capture videos, the files you are using, and more which show your problems and/or what you are trying to accomplish. Again; please provide the log file (found in the log folder configured in the casparcg.config settings file.)

Our mind-reading abilities are limited, so the more you can tell us, the greater the chance that someone will be able to help you!

We've started to use the GitHub issues tracker, so please post bug reports and feature requests there instead of in the forum, so we can keep track of them.
The forum is still a good place to discuss problems you may have, but if you think you've found a bug then please post it in the tracker!
Jonas Hummelstrand
Independent Consultant at
Former Community Manager for CasparCG

Problems? Guide to posting Bug reports & Feature requests