Countdown timer in CCG Client often does not appear.

The video clip countdown timer is a bit flaky in my setup. I suspect its a network issue, or Apples network stack.

On my laptop (MacBook) depending on where I am in my campus the timer, audio level meter and preview may or may not appear in the client. It worked in an office the other side of the campus but not in the control room where our CCG server is. Wifi is known to be a bit weird here. It can always see the servers and control playout.

The client is running on an iMac, and the timer has never appeared either on the main campus network or the broadcast LAN that is isolated (both cabled). A windows workstation on the same broadcast LAN worked fine.

Its too late in our schedule to move the CCG client to a windows machine (all our development on the iNews > CCG route was done on OSX) and its not a major issue for us, but if anyone has any insight into what is behind this it would be very helpful.