Is it possible to delay Video and not Audio?


I have a project coming up, where I need a CasparCG Playout device that outputs the audio via Dante. For that I'm using Dante Virtual Soundcard on this machine.

When I use the "System Audio" Flag it works so far. But audio is somewhat late. Is it possible to delay the video output of Caspar CG a few frames (max 2) that I get audio/video sync?

I'm using a decklink card to playout the video stream via HD-SDI.



Re: Is it possible to delay Video and not Audio?

To answer your question, there is no official way of delaying a consusmer (output) in CasparCG. However, considering you are using system audio for sound and a decklink consumer for video I would say that you might have some luck adjusting the frame buffer of decklink inside the config file.
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