html producer swf transparent problem


Im trying to display html page with transparent swf elements using HTML producer ("HTML page"), server version 2.0.7.
If I set wmode="transparent" and I have no html background, CasparCG does not display the swf element. It only displays the swf elements, if wmode="device" and/or html background is set.

Here is a test link that I used for HTML producer ("HTML page"):

And here is a screenshot of CasparCG output. It does not display the upper right red circle:
Clipboard01.png (11.46 KiB) Viewed 913 times

Has anyone experienced this problem and perhaps have a solution?

We have a Flash based live scoring application which we used as an input in vMix and now we want to run it via CasparCG. Since the app itself is very complicated, we hopped to get it in CasparCG simply as HTML input (without making any changes to the app itself).