16ch Audio from Decklink Input

Hi guys

I have tried to play a Decklink Input with 16ch audio from a Decklink SDI 4K.
I played around with the config to get it done but the only command that works is with:

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8ch and 16ch does not work.
Does anyone have a working config file and command?
Acutally I only want to input a SDI, put some graphics on top and output it to SDI, but with full audio.

I am currently working with Server 2.1 Beta 2.

Thanks for the help

Re: 16ch Audio from Decklink Input

Try following

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Put your required video mode. No need of play decklink command. Internal keyer mode will do the things. You will get decklink output with graphics but screen consumer will show only graphics.

Re: 16ch Audio from Decklink Input

hi again

I just tested it. I can play graphics and videos on top of the video signal and I have 16 channels of audio on the output. So far so good. But I would need to use the MIXER commands with the input signal. (DVE)
I am also wondering why the "SMPTE" Layout is the only which is working...
(Config is now exactly the same as you noted. The only difference is the format: 1080i50)