Auto Restart

Hello everybody;

We use a caspar CG for playing an HTML page 24/7 But frequently (each 2 or 3 days) the caspar server Crash. So we have to restart the server (not the hardware) and relaunch the command. Is it possible to create a client for restarting automaticaly the server at 00:00 every days ?

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Re: Auto Restart

Sending a AMCP command is nothing more than sending some telnet commands, which you perfectly can achive using a little batch file ;-)
Or you make use of the powershell where you can use .NET libraries and do more fancy stuff.

Search the forum for powershell and you will find some post about that.

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Re: Auto Restart

You might also look into what is causing the crash? Is the page you're displaying your own production? check if there are memory leaks. I did experience things like this but when I stopped using some jquery rubbish things got very stable and the crashing was gone.