Recommended configuration

Can a custom based computer with

intel's newest cpu 7740X 4.2 GHz,
asus motherboard x299 chipset
asus nvidia 1080 gtx
2 x m.2 samsung 961 pro (raid 0)
16 gb ddr4 4000 MHz

support a decklink quad 2
with 8 outputs (3 fill & key outputs) + 2 video outputs


Re: Recommended configuration


First problem I can see is the limited amount of pci express lanes you have.

There is some chatter around about how you need 16 lanes for the graphics card, 4 for the pcie ssd controller and at least 4 for your blackmagic card.
This cpu you have selected has only max 16 lanes, leaving none for anything to run at the full 16x.

it is suggested that you use a cpu that has 40 lanes such as e5 xeons.

I've just built a casparcg machine that is based on the x99 chipset, a little older but still is fine. the cpu is an i7-6850k 3.8ghz which has been flawless in my setup with a decklink duo, it has 40 lanes. Using that with the 1080 and 16gb of ram. I've made a 4x240gb ssd raid for the media drive, and have a single 240gb m2 ssd for the windows/server data.

If you want to discuss further let me know.