List playout and scheduled playout

Hi everybody!

I just hear about CasparCG searching in Google for a Playout software. I install it on my PC (i7 + 8Gb + SSD + HDD + BM Intensity Pro 4k) both Server and Client programs.

Reading the forum i can make it works with my BM card. The video is ok, nice quality!

But i can´t do it work in the way that many playouts do it: make a list of several clips and the software plays one after other automatically.
It just play only one clip: the one that i select and press F2 key.

I know that i was forgot something or i´m using it in the wrong way.
Can anybody tell me how to do that?

Thanks in advance!

PS: sorry for my english, it isn´t my native language.

Re: List playout and scheduled playout

You haven't done anything wrong. The offical client is simply not made for scheduled playout. See this topic for a list of different controllers for Caspar: The list is far from complete and also not only about playout clients.
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Re: List playout and scheduled playout

There is one more scheduled play-out client, maintained personally by me in TVP (Polish public broadcaster), free and open sourced, available at For pros see readme on the page, the cons of it are (IMHO):
  • it has relatively complex setup (although there is a Wiki available),
  • may have issues with NTSC framerates, as it wasn't tested in such environments
Of course any feedback will be appreciated.

Re: List playout and scheduled playout

I found this thread at forum and i was think i'll find any an idea about to solve the behavior to run a continuous playlist with CasparCG but no...
I have in mind to write my own solution from scratch and i'll be veru grateful if somebody can help with some idea about it.
Thanks in advance

PS. Sorry for my english, is not my main language