Introduce Input Delay?

We're currently working on a system that is taking in two feeds from two Decklinks. One feed is a background layer, and the other feed is a chroma keyed layer on top.

The background feed comes directly from our camera, but the top layer first goes through another computer which does motion tracking on it, before sending it back to the chroma keyer computer. The issue here is that that adds a slight delay. Is it possible to introduce a slight delay on a decklink feed? We're using 2.1.0.


Re: Introduce Input Delay?


if I rember correctly, you can add this delay within the decklink control panel.
I don't think there is an easy way to do it with ccg.
For the consumer, you could go with buffer-depth, but for a producer, I haven't seen such a setting.

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Re: Introduce Input Delay?

I've done some thinking about this issue, and I realized that the issue seems to be something beyond what I originally thought, and it seems to be Caspar that is actually creating the issue.

I get back to the studio on Wednesday, I'll have a look and post the question now once I have a better understanding.