simple client for handball

hi there
i like to share my visual basic project, a Caspar CG handball client.
it is maybe not that fully loaded as other projects but for basic operation it should work.
there are separate forms for many things, this helps me to keep the code a bit more clear.
maybe it helps newbies like me a bit further on. feel free to use this code.
i use two libraries, one from Didi Kunz, my Caspar Mentor :-) to send commands from visual basic to Caspar Server. The library can be downloaded from this forum, in the project code its already implemented.
then for html templates i use the E2C library, also from this forum.
i also added a soccer-line-up-form to the project. there you can see how to move text on a template.
in the scorebug template you can see how to change colors during runtime.
i used a numato lab interface for GPI (19 US $)
GPI is coded for scorebug (GPI0) and START/STOP (GPI1) , easy to change.
all templates are with source.
the Caspar DVE form is very experimental, all was made to learn the programming language, the caspar commands etc.
error handling is also very basic.

program ... zZIUEh6aHM

visual express project ... FRjNkVuNVk

feel free to ask any questions.