In Regards to Streaming

So looking through the Wiki, I noticed that this is the syntax for streaming:

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 <args>-vcodec libx264 -tune zerolatency -preset ultrafast -crf 25 -format mpegts -vf scale=240:180</args>
My application, using GStreamer, can accept from http, mms, rtsp.

Now I don't know much about streaming, but am I able to receive a stream from CasparCG to one of those protocols?


Re: In Regards to Streaming

Gstreamer can read UDP.

Caspar should be able to play UDP for example - but it has *no* methods to survive even the tiniest error in the stream.

A simple:
PLAY 1-1 udp://@IP:PORT
should suffice to receive an UDP stream.

You can also look at - they've implemented mplayer for stream input into Caspar (instead of ffmpeg) and have done some work on resilience to stream errors.

Re: In Regards to Streaming

In essence here is what we need to accomplish:

I have an application pulling in a decklink feed and tracking it, placing some layers on it for augmented reality. I need to get that feed to Caspar in some way. If it is through capturing a PC screen as an input, or through DirectShow, we just need to get its feed in. From there we can continue down the chain for processing the image, but we cannot work without getting the feed from the application into Caspar. Looking here at options: VLC is having major issues pushing my screen into Caspar, even at localhost. SplitCam does not seem to cooperate with us at all, so that is out for now. Is it possible to possibly grab a DirectShow input from the application? I do not know what criteria an application must have in order for it to have this capability.

Thank you