Black level on key


I am using CasparCG with a decklink 4k extreme feeding into an Atem mixer.

I'm finding that the key output isn't black even with no graphics present.

Is there an adjustment I can make on either of those devices to resolve this?


Re: Black level on key

Thanks Didi for your quick reply.

My Atem is configured as suggested, gain is disabled once pre-multiplied is selected.
The problem is the Key output is something like 95% black so I see a drop in video levels once the key is in circuit.

Re: Black level on key

Decklink control panel looks okay to me (is there a list of recommended settings?)

I have two cards in the same machine and they both behave the same.

Is there a recommended driver version for use with CasparCG?

Re: Black level on key

Experienced the same issue. Downgrading the drivers solved it as suggested. Thanks to the op and pin down.
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