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CasparCG full log entries

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CasparCG full log entries

Postby giliet » 28 Apr 2016, 11:13

CasparCG server limits log entries length (I suppose up to 512 characters) and truncates everything what exceeds that length. Is it possible to get full entries somehow ?
[2016-04-27 23:30:20.975] [17852] [info] Received long message from CG 1-11 ADD 1 "XXXXXXXXXXX/YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" 1 "<templateData><componentData id=\"Quater\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"3rd\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Score1\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"27\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Score2\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"30\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Team1\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"AAA\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Team2\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"BBB\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Competition\"><data id=\"te [...]\r\n
[2016-04-27 23:30:21.004] [12128] [info] ffmpeg[|1920x1080i50.00|0/26] [video-decoder] PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image

What I really need is a way to capture all messages coming to and from server for diagnostic purpose.
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