CasparCG full log entries

CasparCG server limits log entries length (I suppose up to 512 characters) and truncates everything what exceeds that length. Is it possible to get full entries somehow ?
[2016-04-27 23:30:20.975] [17852] [info] Received long message from CG 1-11 ADD 1 "XXXXXXXXXXX/YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" 1 "<templateData><componentData id=\"Quater\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"3rd\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Score1\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"27\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Score2\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"30\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Team1\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"AAA\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Team2\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"BBB\" /></componentData><componentData id=\"Competition\"><data id=\"te [...]\r\n
[2016-04-27 23:30:21.004] [12128] [info] ffmpeg[|1920x1080i50.00|0/26] [video-decoder] PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image
What I really need is a way to capture all messages coming to and from server for diagnostic purpose.