List of tools, libraries and templates

There are a lot of useful helpers and tools out there for casparcg that can help you developing your own ccg client and template.
Even free templates are available.

But it's spread all over the forum, github and where ever.
So, lets try to get a list of them together.
This section is only writable for some people to keep it clear. So please send me a pm if you have a tool that belongs here but is missing or you want to add a description to your tool. I will add it. Thanks!

The tools are separated into sections each with an own post.
  1. Connection frameworks
  2. Free Templates
  3. Template tools
mcdikki - Wir teilen Begeisterung

Connection frameworks

Frameworks to help you connecting to casparcg.

NET based frameworks Web based frameworks Powershell based frameworks Flash based frameworks Java based frameworks - Wir teilen Begeisterung

Free Templates

Template are used to show dynamic content in ccg.
They can use the flash and html producer. Some are even bundled with a client.

Free means that the author of the template has provided a link to download the template here. Please make sure to check the license the author provided if you are allowed to use it as you wish or not. - Wir teilen Begeisterung

Template tools

Template tools are all programs, frameworks or libraries that help you creating templates for ccg.

Tools for flash templates Tools for html templates
  • Simplistic JavaScript for HTML5 Templates:
    Author: 7omas
    Description: A simple Javascript snippet that can be inserted into and used with HTML Templates to gain similar functions as a flash template provides. It's made specifically for use with CasparCG Client.
    Link: - Wir teilen Begeisterung