Where do I find docs, manuals, infos and tutorials?

Here in the forum, we often see people asking question which are explained already.
So it seems that it is not obvious where to find those information.

To solve this, here you'll find a list of Links and places to start with:
  1. Wiki:
    The first and most important source of information is the wiki.

    Please take some time to study the wiki and it's structure before asking your questions here.

    All available commands are listed within the Communications protocol section
    http://www.casparcg.com/wiki/Category:C ... n_Protocol
  2. The casparcg website:
    Here you find advertising, a feature overview and the downloads for the server, client and tools provided by svt. Keep in mind that a lot of community contributed stuff is available here in the forum, too.
  3. The config.xml:
    The config file shipped with casparcg server contains a section with outcommented code which includes most possible entries and the values. This is a great help to get an idea of how to configure your casparcg.

    Don't use this file. Rename it and keep it as it is. Copy and paste what you need into a new one and use this without the outcommented section. Especially if you post your config here, remove this section before!
  4. Google:
    Yes, it seems obvious, but is often forgotten. The pro users here are happy to help. But their time is limited and googling your questions is very frustrating, so please try google first.
    A lot of errors and problems discussed here are not even casparcg related. It's flash, live code, .NET or what ever.
  5. The forum:
    Last but not least, the forum. Here you will get in contact to the community of casparcg. People here are users, not the developers of this great program. They are usually happy to help, but it's done on their spare time and they don't have to help you.
    So please be polite, take time to write your post in readable english with all necessary information, do as much as you can to show that you are willing to invest some own work etc. and you will see that you'll find a great pool of helpful people here.

    But before asking a new question, please use the search function. A lot of topics are discussed and solutions found. Use it.

    If you don't find your answer, please only post in an existing thread if your question really belongs there.
    Otherwise it is much better for you and others to open a new topic with a good and explaining title.
    Posting the solution to your problem if found is highly welcome ;-)

    The forum is the place of the community, so, if you want to talk to the developers of casparcg, it's not the right place.
    You can get in touch with them at github https://github.com/CasparCG/Server
    Post bugs and feature requests here https://github.com/CasparCG/Server/issues
    An other place is the casparcg irc channel http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=% ... rcg&uio=d4
I hope this is of help.

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