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Clients for controlling CasparCG Server

Posted: 23 Feb 2014, 17:33
by mcdikki
In order to use CasparCG Server, you will need a client to control it.

CasparCG Server can be controlled by the ACMP protocol, which is a simple text-based TCP protocol.
See the wiki for further description.

So the simplest client software for CasparCG Server is a TCP connection with telnet or putty or any other TCP console software.

But using a command based client is complicated and not user friendly, so there a some good client programs out there.

In this topic, a growing list of known CasparCG clients will be hold for you.

Official CasparCG Client by SVT

Posted: 23 Feb 2014, 17:36
by mcdikki
The official CasparCG Client is made by SVT and can be found on the offical download site:

In general, it is developed close to the server and is capable as a good general propose client.
If you are new to CasparCG, use this client to get an idea of the program.

Simple Playout by vimlesh1975

Posted: 23 Feb 2014, 17:40
by mcdikki
The Simple Playout Client by vimlesh1975
is a community made client and free to use. You can find it here in the forum:

This client has a broad band of use cases and is shipped with some templates too.
A good start for people with no budget and no development possibilities.

Caspar's Playout Client by mcdikki

Posted: 23 Feb 2014, 17:48
by mcdikki
Caspar's Playout Client is a client with focus on playout and is able of hierarchical playlists by mcdikki.
You can find the forum discussion here
and the program on github

StudioLive by cambell

Posted: 23 Feb 2014, 18:03
by mcdikki
StudioLive is a web-based client for studios by cambell.
You can find it on github
and on the forum ... lit=client ... lit=client

Yet another Vision Client by Interpreter

Posted: 23 Feb 2014, 18:05
by mcdikki
Yet another Vision Client is a client for vision mixing/switching with CasparCG by Interpreter.
You can find it here ... lit=client

SimpleCaspar by leonedo

Posted: 23 Feb 2014, 18:06
by mcdikki
SimpleCaspar is an iOS client for casparCG by leonedo.
You can find it here ... lit=client

Scoreboard-client for Fistball / Faustball

Posted: 08 Apr 2014, 13:17
by thos-berlin
CG Client Faustball is a client designed to support scoreboards and lower thirds for a sport called "Fistball / Faustball" (similar to "Volleyball"). It is written in Visual Studio Express 2012.

You can find more infos in the forum

(This info was originally here)

News Studio

Posted: 08 May 2014, 17:14
by mcdikki
News Studio is a Client designed to fit the needs of small news studios.
You can find more infos on it's site
or in the forum

Sport Clients + Templates by navis media

Posted: 30 Jul 2016, 11:23
by mcdikki
Navis Media offers a set of paid Sport Clients and Templates. At this moment, there is a soccer and a basketball client available.
See their website for more informations:

ScorePlus by Streamstar

Posted: 30 Jul 2016, 13:29
by didikunz
ScorePlus is a paid multi-sports client for different sports that provides the controlling software and templates for most major sports. It's made by Streamstar which I am a part of.
You can purchase it on the website

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Re: Clients for controlling CasparCG Server

Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 21:48
by didikunz
There is another palyout client, called RedCast:

Re: Clients for controlling CasparCG Server

Posted: 27 Jun 2017, 22:47
by didikunz
Jurek wrote:There is one more scheduled play-out client, maintained personally by me in TVP (Polish public broadcaster), free and open sourced, available at For pros see readme on the page, the cons of it are (IMHO):
  • it has relatively complex setup (although there is a Wiki available),
  • may have issues with NTSC framerates, as it wasn't tested in such environments
Of course any feedback will be appreciated.
From this tread: