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Re: Simple Video Playout

Thanks for making this software, it almost does what I want, I only have 2 issues so far; 1. My files are in D:\ and it contains a folder 1080i50, when I add a file it is added as 080i50\<> instead of 1080i50\<>* 2. I made a playlist of some 15 files but when I press Start Pl...

Multi-format playout

Hi there! I want to use CasparCG to playout simple test files in different formats for testing purposes. I want users to be able to load a new playlist for different formats, like 1080i50, 1080i5994, 2160p50/60 I would like to use only 1 Decklink 4K Pro card. Question; - Can I create 1 channel that ...

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